Our mission

About The Freeforce

The Freeforce is a collective for and by freelancers in the marketing and advertising industry. As a non-profit foundation, The Freeforce wants to enable and motivate freelancers to collaborate, share knowledge and strengthen their position and network. We organise events that inspire and inform, and offer the opportunity to meet fellow freelancers and other people in the industry. For agencies and businesses, TheFreeforce.com offers a clear overview of freelance professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset, in a wide range of disciplines.

Services for Agencies
  • No agency intermediation fee
  • Free overview of professional freelancers in the industry
  • Free overview of acquired disciplines to create great campaigns
  • Search and select through tags or by name
  • Book freelancers directly
  • Insight in recommendations by industry professionals
  • The Freeforce initiates events to share knowledge and connect people, networks and have fun.
  • Previous Events: The Freeforce Inspiration-nights, The Freeforce Ride Belgium, The Freeforce Cannes, The Freeforce X-mas Dinner, The Freeforce Drinks and many more.

If you are a freelancer in advertising in the Netherlands or Belgium, you can become a member by collecting 4 recommendations from your professional network and by paying the annual donation of €100,-. Please click the ‘Join’ button for details.

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