Inspiration Sessions


The Freeforce wants to bring freelancers together for inspiration sessions. Each session relies on two elements. One: a group of freelancers with an appetite for interesting stories, news, products and developments. Two: an interesting person – or company – with a story that is interesting enough to attract interesting freelancers and is willing to organize a session for free.

The Freeforce Inspiration Session on November 9 with Wefilm and First: “a viral study”

Join us on November 9 for our second Freeforce Inspiration session. Free and exclusively for freelancers. This time it’s a viral study. Wefilm – responsible for Stanislav and the interactive billboard for DPC – will show you how their directors and producers create a technical viral miracle. After that, Rocco Stallvord from First – responsible for the Zeeman guerilla catwalk show and the failed Clinton-Bush speech – will discus the viral from the seeding point of view and what they can do with influential marketing.

There is only room for 25 freelancers. So, reserve your spot quickly by sending a mail to

Where? At the First headquarters: Keizersgracht 472, Amsterdam in Amsterdam. When? On November 9 around six o’clock. FREE will take care of drinks and snacks. The entire evening is FREE but at the end of the session we will pass the hat to cover some of our costs.

The first Freeforce Inspiration Session was held on May 2, 2011. Host of the evening was 3D designer Janne Kyttanen. Read more >

Interested in organizing a Freeforce Inspiration Session? Then contact us at


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